Map of our fishing spots – every fishing spot we’ve been to, and fishing spots we’d like to go to soon
Our Current PBs – a collection of our modest personal bests per species

Who are we?

We’re a couple who have become passionate but amateur anglers over the last couple of years. Martin always loved fishing but I had to first accidentally catch a fish to really get bitten. Since that day we’ve been fishing non-stop and this blog serves as a light-hearted record of our experiences and ever evolving knowledge. 

Our “local” is Rietvlei Dam in Pretoria, near to our house in Centurion, South Africa. We often go there for bass, and we sometimes try for carp but it’s a notoriously difficult dam. Unless you’re into specimen angling…

What’s the site about?

On here you’ll find brief summaries of our fishing expeditions, some successful and some less so. We’ll also include useful information we’ve found over the years that has helped us. Feel free to dispute any of our “wisdom”, that’s the only way we’ll learn new techniques and progress as anglers.

What do we catch?

Have a look at our current PBs

We mostly catch bass wherever we go. And we also really love papgooi (not quite at specimen level yet) which then includes carp, yellowfish, barbel, mudfish, moggel etc. Otherwise we flyfish as well, mainly for trout but sometimes for yellowfish in rivers. When we do get to the ocean we try rock & surf but with very limited success so far. That’s a skill we’ll cultivate in time.

Where do we stay?

Map of our fishing spots

In terms of accommodation we don’t always rough it, in fact we try not too camp too often because we’re not really geared for it. Camping has many merits but when a highveld storm hits we prefer to be under some form of solid roof. On these pages you’ll also find brief accounts of the places we stayed at across South Africa.

What can you do?

So please feel free to interact and give us advice, we welcome any comments etc., we need all the help we can get…

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  1. Alf Downward

    I have loved fishing my whole life but have only recently had the opportunity to go fishing. I grew up in Durban and spent my youth fishing on the Natal South Coast.
    Your articles have given me new inspiration and are well written and very interesting.
    What is the pollution situation further down from Parys?
    We went to a Place called Dalamite

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Hi Alf,

      Wow, thanks a bunch, that means a lot! I’m really glad you enjoy the content, that’s why we do this 🙂

      The pollution all around Parys and the whole of the Vaal River (from Standerton) will always be a problem. But in general it’s fine, we only had that one really bad experience in 2018 when there were tons of dead fish being removed. Since then we’ve been to many different venues and we always have a good time. There are dozens of white water rafters who go down the river from Parys every weekend and they all survive so it shouldn’t deter you from fishing.

      That doesn’t mean we should be ok with it, we should fight it, but it feels like your fighting a losing battle 🙁

      Anyway, we haven’t been to Dimalachite but often drive past there to our other venues. It looks really nice though, we’ll probably visit them at some point.

      Enjoy the fishing! And let us know if you have any info that we can add to the site.


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