Zandfontein – Vaal Dam

Zandfontein is a great Vaal Dam fishing spot in the southern part of the dam. They offer 4 basic cabins with electricity, a fridge and a braai but with separate ablutions.

It’s located on a point of sorts which is always a good thing and when the water is slightly lower the white sandy beaches are very inviting. Just bear in mind that as the dam level gets lower you are further and further away from the water but that’s the case with any Vaal Dam accommodation.

Fishing is very good here and unlike many other Vaal Dam fishing spots lots of larger fish are also regularly caught. We’ve been to the place right next door, Fisherman’s Hangout, and we had a really good time. Fishing was easy and we caught quite a few large grass carp along with many of the usual suspects.

  • 4 basic cabins with electricity, a fridge and a braai
  • separate ablutions
  • quite a long dirt road but nothing serious
  • zero snags due to sandy bottom
  • anything really works, especially perdeby, pink sweets and banana
4-sleeper cabin (2019)


coming soon…

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