Fishing spots

11000 Dae Damhuisie(house)barbel, bass, kurperprivate dam/sPongola
2Balele Mountain Lodge(chalets)
troutprivate dam/sWakkerstroom
3Baynesfield Lodge(rooms)bassprivate dam/sRichmond
4Beacon Vlei(house, rooms, chalets)bassprivate dam/sNottingham Road
5Beaulieu Dambarbel, bass, carpprivate dam/sRichmond
6Bivane Dam(chalets)
bass, carp, kurperBivane DamPaulpietersburg
7Blesberg Farm Cottages(cottages)bassprivate damHowick
8Cayley Lodge(villas, chalets)bass, carp, yellowfishBell Park DamWinterton
9Chelmsford Dam Nature Reserve(chalets)
barbel, bass, carp, yellowfishChelmsford Dam (Ntshingwayo)Newcastle
10Clivia Hill Guest Cottage(cottage)bass, carpBell Park DamWinterton
11Cloud 9barbel, bass, carpCraigie Burn DamMooi River
12Copperleigh Trout Cottages(lodge, cabin)troutprivate dam/sHowick
13Cycad Rock Fishing Lodge(cottages)barbel, carp, kurper, tigerfishJozini Dam (Pongolapoort)Pongola
14Dalmore Guest Farm(chalets)barbel, bass, kurperprivate dam/sBergville
15Dieu Donne Cottage(cottage)bass, troutprivate dam/sUnderberg
16Dweba Lapa(4 chalets)bassprivate dam/sPongola
17Fish Eagle's Lair(chalets)barbel, bass, carp, kurperAlbert Falls DamPietermaritzburg
18Fountain Hall Guest Farm(chalets)
bassMearns DamMooi River
19Giants Cup Wilderness Reserve(cottages)troutprivate dam/sUnderberg
20Highflight Farm(house, cottage)bassprivate dam/sMidlands
21Hoopoe Log Cabin(cabin)barbel, bass, carp, kurper, yellowfishAlbert Falls DamPietermaritzburg
22Lake Eland(chalets, houses)
bass, carpprivate dam/sOribi Gorge
23Lake Naverone(cottages)troutprivate lakes, riverUnderberg
24Lloyds Baai(chalets)
barbel, bass, carp, eelHattingspruit DamDundee
25Midmar Dam Nature Reserve(chalets)
barbel, bass, carpMidmar DamHowick
26Mnini Dam Tourist Resort(cabins)bass, eel, kurperMnini DamAmanzimtoti
27Mpalane Fishing Lodge(rondawels)barbel, carp, kurper, tigerfishJozini Dam (Pongolapoort)Pongola
28Msinsi - Albert Falls(chalets, rondawels)
barbel, bass, carp, kurperAlbert Falls DamPietermaritzburg
29Msinsi - Bon Accorde(chalets, rondawels)
barbel, bass, carp, kurperAlbert Falls DamPietermaritzburg
30Msinsi - Hazelmerebarbel, bass, carpHazelmere DamVerulam
31Msinsi - Inanda(luxury tents)
barbel, bass, carp, kurperInanda DamPietermaritzburg
32Msinsi - Nagle(lodges, luxury tents)
barbel, bass, carpNagle DamPietermaritzburg
33Nkonkoni Fishing Camp(chalets, tents)barbel, carp, kurper, tigerfishJozini Dam (Pongolapoort)Pongola
34Ntibane Bushveld Getawaybass, kurperprivate dam/sPongola
35Reekielyn Cottage(cottage)troutprivate damsMidlands
36Shayamanzi Houseboats(houseboat)barbel, carp, kurper, tigerfishJozini Dam (Pongolapoort)Pongola
37Shiriba(cottages)bassprivate dam/sWinterton
38Shongweni Dam Nature Reserve(tents)
bass, carpShongweni DamPinetown
39Spioenkop Dam Nature Reservebarbel, bass, carpSpioenkop DamBergville
40St Ives(rooms)bassprivate damsHowick
41Station House Waterside Getaway(chalet)bassMearns DamMooi River
42Stoney Hall Farm(cabins, cottages)bass, troutprivate dam/sUnderberg
43Sunset Plains(cabins)bassprivate damHluhluwe
44Thatcher's Rest(house)barbel, bass, eel, troutprivate dam/sDundee
45The Border Post(rooms)barbel, bass, carp, yellowfishSterkfontein DamBergville
46The View and The Cottage(chalets)barbel, carp, kurper, yellowfishAlbert Falls DamPietermaritzburg
47Troutbagger Farm(rooms, cottages)bass, troutprivate dam/sNottingham Road
48Wagendrift Dam Nature Reservebarbel, bass, carpWagendrift DamEstcourt
Dams \ Lakes
 NameLinksFishAreaRiverCapacity \ Size (in million m3)
1Albert Falls Dambarbel, bass, carp, kurperPietermaritzburgUmgeni288
2Bell Park Dambass, carpWintertonMtoti
3Bivane Dambarbel, bass, carp, kurper, yellowfishPaulpietersburgBivane115
4Chelmsford Dam (Ntshingwayo)barbel, bass, carp, yellowfishNewcastleIngagane195
5Craigie Burn Dambass, carpMooi RiverMnyamvubu23
6Goedertrouw Dam (Lake Phobane)barbel, bass, carpEshoweMhlathuze301
7Hazelmere Dambarbel, bass, carpVerulamMdloti37
8Inanda Dambarbel, bass, carpHillcrestUmgeni242
9Jozini Dam (Pongolapoort)barbel, carp, kurper, tigerfishPongolaPhongolo2395
10Klipfontein Dambarbel, carpVryheidWit-Mfolozi18
11Mearns DambassMooi RiverMooi235
12Midmar Dambarbel, bass, carpHowickUmgeni235
13Mnini Dambass, eel, kurperAmanzimtotiMgababa
14Nagle Dambarbel, bass, carp, kurper, yellowfishCato RidgeUmgeni23
15Shongweni Dambarbel, bass, carpPinetownSterkspruit, Mlazi2
16Spioenkop Dambarbel, bass, carpWintertonTugela272
17Spring Grove Dambass, trout, yellowfishMooi RiverMooi139
18Wagendrift Dambarbel, bass, carpEstcourtBoesmans56
19Woodstock Dambarbel, bass, carpBergvilleTugela373
20Zaaihoek Dambarbel, bass, carp, troutWakkerstroomSlang185

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