Here are some of our PBs for various species of fish. We realise there are more species available in our waters but we listed the ones we have a realistic chance of catching 🙂

Empty lines obviously mean we have never caught that type of fish (sometimes never even seen one). That is something we’ll remedy in due time…

FishAnglerSize (kg)WhenWhereProof
(Clarias Gariepinus)
  4.5 2017-02-10 Goosebay Canyon – Vaal Riverbarbel
  7.02016-02-28 Klein Paradys – Britsmassive barbel
Bass (largemouth)
(Micropterus salmoides






Beacon Vlei


Rietvlei Dam

massive monster bassrietvlei dam bass
  3.02016-08-09Rietvlei Dam 
Bass (smallmouth)
(Micropterus dolomieu)
 0.82018-01-27Shiyalongubo Dam – Barberton biggest smallmouth bass
  0.52018-01-27Shiyalongubo Dam- Barberton 
Carp (common)
(Cyprinus carpio)
 7.52016-02-27Klein Paradys – Brits big carp
  9.02018-02-10 La Retraite – Vaal Rivermassive carp
Carp (grass)
(Ctenopharyngodon idella)
  5.0 2016-08-27 Fisherman’s Hangout – Vaal Damgrass carp
   2.0 2016-08-27  Fisherman’s Hangout – Vaal Dam 
Carp (mirror)
(Cyprinus carpio carpio
  3.5 2018-09-21The Boathouse – Boskop Damboathouse boskop dam mirror carp
   6.0 2016-12-30 Baja Dam – Bronkhorstspruit Dammirror carp baja bronkhorstspruit dam
(Labeo umbratus)
(Labeo capensis)
  1.5 2018-02-11 La Retraite – Vaal Riveraverage mudfish
   1.0 2017-05-30 Inloop – Vaal Dam 
Kurper (blue)
(Oreochromis mossambicus)
  0.4 2017-01-15 Hengelaarsvriend – Roodeplaat Damblue kurper
   0.5 2017-11-15 Fish Eagle’s Lair – Albert Falls Damalbert falls dam blue kurper
Kurper (canary)
(Chetia flaviventris)
Kurper (redbreasted)
(Coptodon rendalli)
Kurper (vlei)
(Tilapia sparrmanii)
(Hydrocynus vittatus)
   0.3 2019-04-20 Komati Riverkomati river tiger fishing only catch
Trout (brown)
(Salmo trutta)
Trout (rainbow)
(Oncorhynchus mykiss)
   1.5 2018-11-17 Thatcher’s Rest – Nov 2018thatchers rest only trout
Yellowfish (largemouth)
(Labeobarbus kimberleyensis)
Yellowfish (smallmouth)
(Labeobarbus aeneus
  2.5 2017-02-10 Goosebay Canyon – Vaal Riversmallmouth yellowfish
   1.5 2018-06-09 Oppiwalle – Vaal Riveroppiwalle vaal river nice yellowfish

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  1. Wayne

    Really appreciate the reviews! Its always difficult finding nice spots without any first hand knowledge. I am always looking for weekend spots. Thanks again

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Thanks a lot Wayne! I hope you also got our emails replying to you about the fishing spots near JHB…

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