Here are some of our PBs for various species of fish. We realise there are more species available in our waters but we listed the ones we have a realistic chance of catching 🙂

Empty lines obviously mean we have never caught that type of fish (sometimes never even seen one). That is something we’ll remedy in due time…


FishAnglerSize (kg)WhenWhereProof
(Clarias Gariepinus)
102022-12-27Aqua Villa - Grootdraai DamGrootdraai dam huge barbel
7.02016-02-28 Klein Paradys - Britsklein paradys brits barbel
Bass (largemouth)
(Micropterus salmoides)
Beacon Vlei
Midmar Dam
Rietvlei Dam
beacon vlei monster bass caughtrietvlei dam monster bass
3.02016-08-09Rietvlei Dam
Bass (smallmouth)
(Micropterus dolomieu)
0.82018-01-27Shiyalongubo Dam - Barbertonmoonlight cabins shiyalongubo dam smallmouth bass
0.52018-01-27Shiyalongubo Dam - Barberton
Carp (common)
(Cyprinus carpio)
Rietvlei Dam
Klein Paradys - Brits
linky carp pb rietvlei damklein paradys brits big carp
Rietvlei Dam
La Retraite
martin carp pb rietvlei damla retraite vaal river bigger carp
Carp (grass)
(Ctenopharyngodon idella)
5.02016-08-27Fisherman's Hangout - Vaal Damfishermans hangout vaal dam grass carp
2.02016-08-27Fisherman's Hangout - Vaal Dam
Carp (mirror)
(Cyprinus carpio carpio)
3.52018-09-21The Boathouse - Boskop Damboathouse boskop dam mirror carp
6.02016-12-30Baja Dam - Bronkhorstspruit Dambaja dam bronkhorstspruit dam big mirror carp
Ghielemientjie (three-spot barb)
(Enteromius trimaculatus)
0.022023-01-02Linky's threespot ghielemientjie caught on a very small hook
Kurper (blue)
(Oreochromis mossambicus)
0.42017-01-15Hengelaarsvriend - Roodeplaat Damhengelaarsvriend roodeplaat dam blue kurper
0,52017-11-15Fish Eagle's Lair - Albert Falls Damfish eagle's lair albert falls dam blue kurper
Kurper (canary)
(Chetia flaviventris)
Kurper (redbreasted)
(Coptodon rendalli)
Kurper (vlei)
(Tilapia sparrmanii)
0.052023-01-02Vlei kurper on girl's hand
0.052023-01-02Vlei kurper on hand
(Labeo umbratus)
Farm dam
Mudfish (orange river)
(Labeo capensis)
2.02018-02-11Erkhamka - Vaal River
1.52017-05-30Erkhamka - Vaal River
Mudfish (rednose)
(Labeo rosae)
1.22023-04-01Marulani Kloof Lodge - Loskop DamGirl with rednose mudfish caught at Loskop dam
1.02023-04-02Marulani Kloof Lodge - Loskop DamRednose mudfish caught at Loskop dam
(Hydrocynus vittatus)
0.32019-04-20Komati Riverkomati river tiger fishing only catch
Trout (brown)
(Salmo trutta)
Trout (rainbow)
(Oncorhynchus mykiss)
1.52018-11-17Thatcher's Rest - Nov 2018thatchers rest only trout
Yellowfish (largemouth)
(Labeobarbus kimberleyensis)
Yellowfish (lowveld largescale)
(Labeobarbus marequensis)
0.52024-11-13Aloe Rock Lodgealoe rock lodge small yellow
1.52024-11-14Aloe Rock Lodgealoe rock lodge yellow fish
Yellowfish (smallmouth)
(Labeobarbus aeneus)
2.52017-02-10Goosebay Canyon - Vaal Rivergoosebay canyon vaal river yellowfish
1.52018-06-09Oppiwalle - Vaal Riveroppiwalle vaal river nice yellowfish

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  1. Wayne

    Really appreciate the reviews! Its always difficult finding nice spots without any first hand knowledge. I am always looking for weekend spots. Thanks again

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Thanks a lot Wayne! I hope you also got our emails replying to you about the fishing spots near JHB…

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