Fishing spots

1Aldo & Nella's(cabins)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
2Atlast Lodge(cottage)Free StateVaal RiverLindequesdrif
3Biki-Ini-Bos(2 chalets)North WestVaal RiverOrkney
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
5Bly Of Gly(wooden cabin)
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
6Candy's Lodge(rooms)GautengVaal RiverVaal Oewer
7Constantia Rus(chalets & bungalows)North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
Free StateVaal RiverParys
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
10Erkhamka(house)Free StateVaal RiverParys
11Flamingo's River Lodge(chalet & cabin)North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
12Goosebay Canyon(chalets)North WestVaal RiverBelow barrage
13Hakuna Matata @ Vaal Vista(2 chalets)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
14Heathbridge(1 chalet)GautengVaal RiverBarrage
15Hennie & Magda Se Visvanghoekie(4 cabins)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
16Henlize Self Catering(chalets)Free StateVaal RiverLindequesdrif
17Impact Self Catering(cottages & rooms)
Free StateVaal RiverBelow barrage
18Kamdebo-on-Vaal(3 chalets)Free StateVaal RiverBelow barrage
19Kayanzee Lodge(chalets)Free StateVaal RiverParys
20Kedu River Lodge(chalets)
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
21Klein Paradys(chalets)
Free StateVaal RiverParys
22Klipspruit River Resort(chalets & cabins)
North WestVaal RiverBothaville
23La Retraite(3 cabins)Free StateVaal RiverParys
24Lapa Manzi 35(cabins)Free StateVaal RiverLindequesdrif
25Lapa Manzi 36(house)Free StateVaal RiverLindequesdrif
26Limerick Lodge(chalets & cabins)
Free StateVaal RiverScandinavia Drift
27Lumana Resort(chalets)
North WestVaal RiverBothaville
28Mount Zion(chalets)
North WestVaal RiverParys
North WestVaal RiverVaal Oewer
30Nandini(5 chalets)North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
31Opidek(2 chalets)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
32Oppi Paal(cabins)Free StateVaal RiverLindequesdrif
33Oppiewater(2 chalets)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
34Oppiwalle(1 chalet)Free StateVaal RiverParys
35Rebokkop(1 house)North WestVaal RiverParys
36River PlotNorth WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
37RiverlakeNorth WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
38Riverview Lodge(6 chalets)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
39Samaki(3 chalets)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
40Sanity Reset(house)GautengVaal RiverBarrage
41Scandinavia River Creek(large house)North WestVaal RiverScandinavia Drift
Free StateVaal RiverOrkney
43Serobe On Vaal(chalets)North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
44Ski-inn Riverhouse(large house)North WestVaal RiverBothaville
45Smilin Thru(chalets)
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
46Styerkraal(2 chalets)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
47Sunnyside Farm(chalets & 1 cabin)Free StateVaal RiverVredefort
48The Dell(chalets & houses)
Free StateVaal RiverParys
Free StateVaal RiverParys
North WestVaal RiverParys
51Vaal de Sioleh(houses, river cabins)North WestVaal RiverParys
52Vaal River House(1 house)Free StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
GautengVaal RiverBelow barrage
55Van Bo(chalets & houses)
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
57Vivere La Vita(chalets)
North WestVaal RiverVredefort
58Von Du RustFree StateVaal RiverRenovaal \ Vaal Vista
Free StateVaal RiverParys
Free StateVaal RiverOrkney
61Weltevrede(4 chalets)
North WestVaal RiverParys
Free StateVaal RiverBelow barrage
63Willow On Vaal(chalets)North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
North WestVaal RiverLindequesdrif
  • Source: near Breyten in Mpumalanga province
  • At 1,120 kilometres long it is the 3rd largest river in South Africa (Orange 1st, Limpopo 2nd)

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  1. Zoë Dümmer

    Hi, you are welcome to add Ski-inn Riverhouse to your list of fishing destinations on the Vaal.

    Our house is booked through Airbnb and sleeps 14 people. It’s right on the riverbank and also has a slipway for you to launch a boat and fish the Vals River.

    Great for family and friend gatherings.

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Hi Zoe,

      Ok will do! We haven’t heard of you guys before but will add you soon. I’ll let you know when it’s on the Vaal River fishing spots page.


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