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Listed below are some of our favourite bass fishing lures. It’s not an exhaustive list but does highlight the lures we’ve had the most success with during our fishing career.

Soft baits

Zoom Super Fluke
Zoom Super Fluke – Junebug

By far our favorite bass fishing lure, we’ve caught more fish with this than any other lure of any kind. Junebug is also our favorite colour but others like watermelon red work very well too. Another surprisingly effective colour is avocado red tail.

We normally have it weightless and Texas rigged. Cast it in, let it drop to the bottom, and wait for the bass to smash it…

Zoom Horny Toad
Zoom Horny Toad – Tree Frog

This is our go-to topwater soft plastic. It has a great action that bass just cannot resist. Any colour works well and we’ve had lots of success with tree frog, bullfrog, and watermelon red pearl.

Long casts work well with a steady retrieve that entices the bass to hit it from below. There aren’t many things more exciting than seeing a topwater blow-up.

Zoom Trick Worm
Zoom Trick Worm – Junebug

One of our favourite worms that seems to work in any situation. Bass just love these for some reason. We always get the junebug, or junebug chartreuse colour with green pumpkin red also included.

We mostly Texas rig them and just let them drop to the bottom. But these worms are perfect for wacky rigging also and we’ve had lots of success that way.

Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail
Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail – Green Pumpkin

Martin’s “secret weapon”, this is supposed to be a trailer for a jig or spinner bait but we have had huge success just using it on its own. Watermelon red is the go-to colour as well as green pumpkin.

Just Texas rig it and let those legs churn up the water. Bass love smashing these things.

Zoom Speed Craw
Zoom Speed Craw – Watermelon Red

As for creature baits we’ve had the most success with this critter. Again watermelon red is the number one choice but green pumpkin is just as lethal, especially in muddy water.

This is another slower presentation with the legs displacing water as it is reeled in a little bit faster.

Keitech Swing Impact Fat
Keitech Swing Impact Fat – Watermelon Red

This is more of a swim bait variety with the paddle tail causing vibrations and looking exactly like a struggling baitfish. We love using green pumpkin but junebug is also a winner.

Use it as a trailer but just Texas rigging it like a fluke also works brilliantly.

Damiki Armor Shad
Damiki Armor Shad – Black

Hard baits

Booyah Spinner Bait
Booyah Spinner Bait

We love spinnerbaits, bass just can’t resist these flashy, bulky baits. White and chartreuse is by far our most successful colour, but black (with some flashy blue or red) also works brilliantly.

These work especially well in windy conditions when the small waves make it difficult for bass to clearly see what’s flashing like that. So they just hit it for fun.

Rapala Jointed Shad

When it comes to crankbaits we’ve had a lot of success with this very realistic variation. Baby bass works well but any natural-looking pattern will get smashed.

We use these in clear water when you need something that’s very lifelike. Match the hatch (as in match the resident baitfish colour or pattern) and you’ll have a lot of fun with this.

Heddon Super Spook
Heddon Super Spook

This is the topwater bait we use the most, especially at night. There are many colours \ patterns to choose from and they all work but we’ve found that the ones with white bottoms work the best (which makes sense if you think about it).

Cast it in as far as you can and let it lie for a bit (to let the bass investigate). Then do an erratic walk-the-dog retrieve, stopping occasionally to let it float for a few seconds. Bass often hit it while it’s just sitting there.

Strike King KVD Sexy Dawg

Another favoured topwater choice. The same applies as the Super Spook, lots of colours and patterns available, and they all work.

As for the retrieve again the same as the Super Spook. Just a walk-the-dog motion while stopping it dead occasionally…


Booyah Hollow Body Frog
Booyah Pad Crasher