Here’s a map of all fishing spots we know of at the Vaal Dam. Please let us know if any of this information is incorrect or if you have another spot to add.

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  1. Rishen

    Where can you recommend on the Vaal for decent accommodation and opportunity to catch bass and carp this weekend (11 Jan) . This is a birthday trip for my son and I really want him to catch some fish. Weather forecasts rain this weekend so not sure if this is the best weekend ?
    We are from JHB and have tried most of the commercial dams in and around here with not much success. (Muldersdrfit – all the dams, Rietvlei Alberton etc) Hence we thought the vaal maybe a better option
    Your advice would be sincerely appreciated

  2. Dawie

    Where or close to what place on the map is Tannie Grieta se plaas

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Hi Dawie,

      I searched all over other Vaal Dam maps and I eventually found it. I’ve now added Tannie Griet Se Plaas to our Vaal Dam map so please have a look again. I can’t confirm that it’s the correct location but it’s all I could find.

      Something else I learned is that it’s a club comp fishing venue only. Again I’m not sure if that’s true but it’s mentioned on another site.

      Hope that helps!

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