Golden Moon is an exclusive members-only Vaal Dam fishing spot in the eastern part of the dam. It offers excellent fishing with decent carp being caught regularly.

It’s not open to the public but you can contact them to buy your yearly membership. They do put a strict limit on the number of members, which is a good thing. Unless they are full and you’ve missed out 🙂

As far as we can tell there isn’t much in the way of facilities, but as a paying member, you will know what to expect.

  • anything really works, especially perdeby, pink sweets and banana
Yearly membership

072 292 4868 (Gawie)

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It’s all free of charge of course, we are just trying to make this page as useful as possible to the benefit of all anglers.

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  1. Thabo

    Greetings I would love to ask that is it catch and release ?

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Hi Thabo, it’s the Vaal Dam so I think it’s definitely not catch and release, you should be able to keep your fish. But as always we try to let the bigger ones go, so they can get even bigger (they don’t taste good anyway). The smaller fish need to be culled, just too many…

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