Aqua Via is a Vaal Dam fishing spot in the eastern part of the dam near to Villiers. To be precise it’s actually on the Vaal River near to the start of the dam. It’s a rustic location with one ablution and no electricity, some spots have running water.

But what it lacks in terms of creature comforts it makes up for with space and calm, a good place to recharge next to the water. The fishing is pretty good with some good sized carp being caught often. This is possibly because it’s deeper than most areas at the Vaal Dam.

  • 110 camping sites – of which 30 are caravan stands with running water and a rubbish bin
  • no electricity but generators are welcome
  • small shop with basic resources like firewood
  • canoes and bicycles welcome
  • perdeby (bunspice), garlic and duiwelsdrek floaties
  • earthworms, chicken livers for muddies and barbel
Per day
Adults R60
Children (under 8 years) free
Tent \ Gazebo R20
Caravan R60
Wendy House \ Rondawel R200

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  1. Johan

    Di you think there is any Bass in that part of the river

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Hi Johan,

      We have caught bass in many parts of the Vaal Dam but it’s quite difficult. So in theory there should be bass there also, but it’s difficult to know for sure…

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