Baja Dam – Bronkhorstspruit Dam – Dec 2016

Over December we stayed home as usual, preferring to do our travelling during off-peak times. This however does not mean we don’t go fishing, we just don’t go too far or expensive. Bronkhorstspruit Dam is fairly close and Baja Dam is our usual spot for day trips or overnight camping. It was very full between christmas and new years eve, and boats and jetskis were everywhere. But who’s complaining when the fish are biting.


You would think with all the boat activity the fish would be bewildered and shy. But it seems just the opposite happens. Why we’re not sure, but if I had to guess I think it’s because there is a lot of oxygen in the water caused by all the watersports. This in turn leads to active, hungry fish. It makes sense to me.

Anyway we were catching fish at will, up to 40 a day. And although they were all fairly small we still had a lot of fun. No yellowfish or barbel but lots of carp. Even a few at night when the boats mercifully had to retire.

baja dam bronkhorstspruit dam carp
We caught quite a few carp at Baja Dam, Bronkhorstspruit Dam
baja dam bronkhorstspruit dam mirror carp
Caught a few small little mirror carp
baja dam bronkhorstspruit carp night fishing
A bit of night fishing for carp at Baja Dam paid off

Off course Martin had to show off again. He caught this beautiful massive mirror (leather?) carp. It took him 15mins to eventually land the fish, with typical unnecessary drama, and attempts to involve all our neighbours. At least he enjoyed himself.

baja dam bronkhorstspruit dam big mirror carp
Martin caught a nice fat mirror carp

Not much to report here since we were camping again, our favourite thing. Baja Dam only has two (or three?) ablutions near the entrance so when the place is full you camp far away and have to drive there. That was a real pain.

But otherwise the camping areas are fine I guess. You basically find a spot and pitch your tent. With so many people around we felt safe and with new years looming there was a lot of excitement in the air. It made for an enjoyable stay in the end. We met quite a few interesting people, sometimes whether you wanted to or not 🙂  

baja dam bronkhorstspruit dam campsite
Camping can be great with great weather
baja dam bronkhorstspruit dam fishing
Trying to catch a bass while waiting for the next run

A very similar alternative to Baja Dam would be the Nature Reserve area. It’s cheaper, somehow has better ablutions and more space, and deeper water too I think. Why go to Baja Dam then? I guess we just felt safer and we believe the bass fishing would be better there too. Anyway both are perfectly fine Bronkhorstspruit Dam options if you love camping.

Check out our Fishing Map to see where both are located at Bronkies.


Lots and lots of fish despite the boating activity. Mostly very small unfortunately but better than nothing. Great atmosphere, but again camping was a challenge.

Fish count

carp x60 (small\medium)
mirror carp x1 (big)

Map \ exact Location

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