Nature Reserve – Sterkfontein Dam – Nov 2016 (3)

We love Sterkfontein Dam but Sterkfontein Dam hates us.

Not for the first time, we drove all the way there just to blank. It’s a massive dam, the third-largest in South Africa (in terms of water volume), with lots of fish. But you have to find them, and without a boat, your hands are tied.

We tried our best in the various Nature Reserve spots but they must have been somewhere else or simply not hungry. We tried for carp, barbel, yellowfish, and even bass without luck. We did see the odd yellowfish jump but not a single bite. Something was off, maybe the air pressure was extremely low.

The accommodation was adequate and cheap. But it was clear that the chalets were in need of some maintenance, and the place, in general, is being left to fend for itself. It has so much potential, with the perfect location, but I guess the public money is going elsewhere…

Anyway, we still enjoyed the views while braaiing on our chalet porch. For what it’s worth here are some photos of the visit…

Sterkfontein Dam nature reserve chalets
Morning view of chalets
Sterkfontein Dam nature reserve flyfishing for yellowfish
Futile attempt at flyfishing for yellows in the vastness of Sterkfontein
Sterkfontein Dam nature reserve mist
Mist charging at the land one morning
Sterkfontein Dam nature reserve fishing for carp with awesome view
No fish, but the view makes up for it
Sterkfontein Dam nature reserve sunset from chalet
Drinks at sunset from chalet porch


It’s a beautiful place and we love going there but we’ll have to time our visits better in future if we want to catch any fish as well. Better luck next time I guess…

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