Fountain Hall Guest Farm – Mearns Dam – Mar 2023

Boating slowly through trees at Mearns Dam

After yet another very enjoyable stay at Beacon Vlei, we headed down the road and once again found ourselves at Mearns Dam. But two things were different this time: we were staying at Fountain Hall Guest Farm, and we had a proper boat.


In the past we had a very limited area we could fish because we were on a small boat using a sneaker motor with one battery. We could never reach the river to the south or around the corner to the north. With our bass boat this was finally possible.

So we firstly headed to the left (south), around the bend where the river becomes Mearns Dam. We encountered large areas of matted grass and even more submerged trees than in other parts of the dam. This made fishing a little bit difficult but we still managed a few small bass.

We then made our way back to the bend and here the fishing really started to pick up. This area was very active and we caught lots of small bass with a few decent ones in between. They were smashing small dark flukes and grubs, and we even caught one or two on spinner baits. We returned to this area the next day as well and we were again rewarded. Here’s just a few of our catches over the two days…

On day two we headed to the right (north), past the dam wall, around that bend, and into more uncharted territory for us. Here we fished along the sides where the grass wasn’t too dense with limited success. We did catch a few bass but it wasn’t as lucrative as we were hoping.

Bass caught while fishing at Mearns Dam

So we made our way back to the main dam where we always seem to find fish. Here the fishing was as good as always on either side of the dam and even in the middle in between the trees.

Big bass caught at Mearns Dam

As always we tried fishing at night too and were often rewarded for our efforts.

Girl holding nice bass caught while fishing at night at Mearns Dam

And that’s a brief summary of our weekend’s fishing. In between we also had a big storm roll by which forced us to load the boat again just to be safe.


In the past we always stayed at Station House Waterside Getaway but since we needed a launch for the boat we opted for Fountain Hall Guest Farm this time. They have a few cottages on offer as well as camping and they have two launches: one in front of our cottage, and one closer to the camping area. These are also the only launches we know of at Mearns.

Launching at Fountain Hall guest farm on Mearns Dam

The dam cottage itself is really spacious with two bedrooms and a bathroom in between. The kitchen has everything you need and the lounge area has a fireplace for those famous Midlands colder nights. Outside is a big covered porch with a built-in braai, and a great view of the dam.

We found the cottage to be perfect for us, nice and secluded and very comfortable. The private launch was a massive bonus too as we launched 4 times during our stay due to the weather. And just like Station House you can catch fish right in front of the cottage.

Bass boat cruising on Mearns Dam


We had another great experience at Mearns Dam, the fishing was tougher than normal but still better than most. Fountain Hall Guest Farm will also definitely see us again because of it’s cozy accommodation, location, and the fact that it has a launch (we’ll always bring the boat from now on).

What worked

Damiki Stinger
Damiki Stinger
Damiki Armor Shad – Black
Zoom Fat Albert Twin Tail – Green Pumpkin
Booyah Spinner Bait
(2 days)

bass x15 (small)
bass x5 (medium)

082 579 6219 (Kevin)

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