Little Long Creek – Feb 2023

little long creek sunset
Little Long Creek sunset

Every year we travel down to the Natal Midlands for a week of bass fishing at Beacon Vlei and surrounds, and every year we try to find a fishing spot halfway that we can overnight at. Doing this we’ve found a few absolute gems over the years.

Little Long Creek was no different, it’s another stunning venue. But in terms of fishing this place is possibly the best of the bunch so far…


For once we had some of the best weather we could hope for over a weekend, and the dam in front of the chalet looked like a mirror for most of the time. It was possible to catch a few from the dam wall and the far side, but most of the dam is surrounded by a reed barrier so we quickly got the rubber duck out to go and explore the far corners.

little long creek launch
Little Long Creek launch

Right from the start we were catching bass all along the sides and we found the most activity in the furthest areas (where the river flows into the dam). Among these reeds and grass beds the fish seemed to be in a feeding frenzy and anything from flukes to craws were gobbled up instantly. We caught dozens of fish without breaking a sweat.

The surprising thing was the size and strength of the fish, we really didn’t expect them to be this big in a medium-sized farm dam. And as the days wore on the late afternoons became an absolute blast as the fish started to smash anything topwater. Using some frogs (Mcarthy Buzz N Frogs, Mcroakers) we continued to catch fish at will and had some spectacular blow-ups as the sun was setting.

Here’s just some of the fish we bothered to take photos of…

We also noticed some large fish activity in the center of the dam and when we inspected we realised the dam also contains some very big carp! When (not if) we return we’ll definitely be targeting them as well…


The dirt road to the chalet was a bit longer than expected but not bad at all. We were towing a boat (on the way to Natal) which wasn’t ideal, but to be honest the roads around Vrede was way worse than the dirt road, serious potholes everywhere.

little long creek sign
Little Long Creek sign
little long creek view from road
Little Long Creek view from road

Little Long Creek two chalets: a Kloof Chalet and a Dam Chalet. We obviously stayed in the Dam Chalet which is best suited for fishing. The chalet itself is quite large with a lounge, fully equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It also has an indoor braai which came in very handy when we had a bit of rain during the second night.

Here’s some photos of the inside…

In front of the chalet you have a nice big lawn with a panoramic view of the dam and the farm. It’s surrounded by a low wooden fence which is really only there to keep out the curious cows that occasionally amble past.

With the chalet being quite isolated, and far from any other dwellings, we felt a real sense of space and freedom here. Which we loved…

little long creek dam cottage
Little Long Creek dam chalet
little long creek view from cottage
Little Long Creek view from cottage


With great accommodation and fantastic fishing, Little Long Creek ticked all the boxes for us. We will certainly be back there soon, even if it’s just for a weekend and not on the way to Natal. And next time we will even try our hand at catching some of the large carp in the dam as well…

What worked

Most lures worked well but creatures did especially well in the grassy areas. During the afternoons any frog like plastic that makes a noise on the surface was smashed on topwater by the very active bass.

McArthy McCraw
McArthy McCraw – Watermelon Red
Damiki Stinger
Damiki Stinger
McArthy McCroaker
McArthy McCroaker
McArthy BuzzN Frog
McArthy Buzz N Frog
(2 days)

bass x30 (small)
bass x15 (medium)
bass x5 (large)

072 384 8822 (Anel)

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