Station House – Mearns Dam – Nov 2018

Mearns Dam fishing Station House sunset from porch
As always the sunsets at Mearns Dam were beautiful

This was our second visit to Mearns Dam and Station House Waterside Getaway, the first time in March 2018  was so successful we just had to go back. This time it was even better, we had a fantastic time, and here’s a quick summary…


In March at Mearns Dam we had great success catching lots of bass along the banks but there were probably more smaller bass than large ones. This time the ratio was a lot more even. It being post-spawn we caught lots of larger bass, we still had the small one here and there but almost every second bass was decent. 

We caught at least 4 bass over 2kgs (we couldn’t always weigh them) which felt like a lot more than before. The spawn seemed successful too because there were large clouds of small fry swimming around trying to escape the marauding larger bass feeding on them. With the water so beautifully clear it was an awesome spectacle to witness.

Here are a few photos of the bass we caught…

Night fishing was attempted again but we were so exhausted from each day’s activities we didn’t really try that hard and came up empty-handed this time.


Our accommodation perfectly suited us again. Nothing’s changed in the last 9 months, so at the risk of committing plagiarism here’s an exact copy from our March post 🙂

It’s a really charming cottage with trademark wooden floors and an inviting porch that overlooks the dam. The place in general is simply peaceful and beautiful. We really enjoyed our stay and would recommend it to anyone. Ian and Diana Cawley were great hosts.

station house at Mearns Dam
Station House we stayed in at Mearns Dam
station house porch view
View from porch at Station House
original station sign at Mearns Dam
Original station sign at Mearns Dam


Great fishing again, bigger fish this time, and plenty thereof. Station House itself was exactly as we remember it, comfortable with an awesome view. Another great stay at Mearns Dam, I guess we’ll be back again soon.


Deeper spots worked for us, especially along the grass beds. This time we also got a few bites near any sunken trees, perfect structure. Anything with a chartreuse tail worked well again, watermelon red grubs and twin-tail grubs especially.

(2 days)

bass x15 (small)
bass x15 (medium)
bass x8 (large)

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