Bergsig fishing – Apr 2021

bergsig trout farm specimen carp dam fishing

We recently visited another one of the lovely fishing spots in the Muldersdrift called Bergsig. We were only there for one night but caught a few bass and witnessed some really big carp being caught in the beautiful surroundings.

Bass Fishing

We were there to try for bass, and Bergsig has quite a few options in that regard. There are 3 dams dedicated to bass but they can also be found in the excellent carp specimen dam as well the river section that runs through the property.

On day 1 we only really tried in the 3 dedicated bass dams because the river section and specimen dam were occupied by other serious fishermen. We caught a few small ones in a short period of time and generally just enjoyed the awesome sunset and view over the hills.

On day 2 when some of the carp fishermen had left, we were allowed to fish in the specimen dam which contains some decent bass as well. This is possible if first cleared with management.

We caught some more small ones and a slightly bigger one, and we saw some other people also catch a few.

bergsig trout farm bass nice
Carp fishing

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the correct gear for the carp dam. This is a proper specimen venue with some huge carp and therefore you need the proper gear to handle them correctly. And rightly so.

We did however spend the night at the dam and were lucky enough to meet some of the fishermen and watch them catching some really big carp. Here are some of the catches.

bergsig trout farm carp big
Big carp caught in specimen dam
bergsig trout farm big carp
Another nice common carp

While we were there a family down by the river section also caught a decent which they brought up to the specimen dam where it was released to grow up among the big boys swimming there already.

bergsig trout farm carp
River carp
Bergsig fishing options

Besides the 3 bass dams and the specimen dam Bergsig also offers a long river section and a trout dam. There is also a small shop at reception catering for the essentials. Here’s what it looks like from above.

bergsig trout farm map
Map of Bergsig

The star of the show is the specimen carp dam which contains massive common carp (some over 20kgs!). It’s a really well-run operation with a beautiful view. The camping area is all under nice shady trees and there are 2 caravans that can also be rented.

Besides bass (as described above), the 3 smaller dams also contain kurper and the bottom one of the three contains some carp too.

The river section is quite long and has many spots along its banks to camp. In terms of fish there are bass and carp but you can also target yellowfish apparently. And if you’re not into fishing it’s just a nice place to spend a lazy day or two at the water.

And finally the trout dam is up near reception and is stocked with beautiful rainbow trout very regularly.

bergsig trout farm trout dam
Trout dam

We enjoyed our brief visit to Bergsig thoroughly. We caught a few bass and participated in some monster carp catches. Next time (when we’ve gathered proper specimen gear) we’ll book a swim and spend a weekend there to possibly break our carp pbs 🙂

(2 days)

bass x5 (small)


Small, dark flukes at the bass dams and watermelon red grubs at the specimen dam for bass.


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