Mpumalanga fishing trip (2) – Little Scotland – Nov 2021

Little Scotland girl fishing from pier

From Green Thumb we traveled towards Amsterdam to the second destination of our November fishing trip, a place called Little Scotland. It’s another private farm with an exceptional private dam very near to where you stay. Here’s how the fishing went.


As opposed to Green Thumb, Little Scotland only has one dam but it’s fairly large and surrounded by trees making it quite a spectacular sight as you approach from the house that you stay in.

Little Scotland beautiful bass fishing dam on a sunny day

The water is crystal clear and you can comfortably fish from anywhere on the dam wall. There is also a pier \ jetty that goes out on the water in the one corner making fishing even more accessible. The rest of the dam is banked by reeds so we got the boat out to access those areas.

We weren’t even sure if there were many fish in the dam but when we caught the first bass with our second cast we knew it was going to be fun. From the side they were mostly tiny but we managed to catch a few bigger ones from the boat in the deeper areas next to the reeds.

Here are just a few:

We probably would have caught dozens more if we didn’t get bombarded with hail on the second day but while we were on the water we had a lot of fun.


At Little Scotland you stay in a very modern cottage with a fireplace, full DSTV etc. There are 2 en-suite bedrooms and an open plan kitchen lounge area. Have a look at the video for a better perspective.

It’s near to the main house and within the secured, gated area so security is not a concern. You can see the road from the cottage and the dam is less than a 5min walk from there.

Westoe Dam

On the way to Little Scotland we also stopped off at Westoe Dam for a quick session. Entry was free, you just drive around where the dam wall is and start fishing, it’s very accessible from the main road.

Westoe dam bass fishing from side

We were only there for a short while and to be honest there was very little structure on that side of the dam. We know it’s also a popular bass fishing dam but you probably need a boat to get to the better spots. Despite this, we somehow did manage to catch one bass among the rocks.

Nice bass caught at westoe dam from the side

Little Scotland was another hidden bass fishing venue that we really enjoyed. The fishing was lots of fun even though you probably won’t catch any giants. As a family fishing getaway, this place ticked all the boxes…

(2 days)

bass x35 (small)
bass x3 (medium)

084 517 5587 (Marile)

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