Our Top 5 Vaal River carp fishing spots (2020)

We love fishing at the Vaal River. You almost always catch something and more often than not it’s big (and feisty). Combine that with the vast variety of fish species and breathtaking beauty and it’s easy to see why we love it so much. The fact that it’s all not too far from our home doesn’t hurt either.

We especially love the Parys section of the river. We’ve been to about a dozen fishing spots around there and we intend on trying a few new ones every year. There are dozens more and we can’t wait to try out more of them. But based on the fishing spots we have visited we decided to do a top 5 list of our favourites so far.

Before we start the list we just want to add a disclaimer:

  • we don’t do camping anymore, we used to camp a lot but we had some bad experiences (theft, noise, storms) so we decided to rather save up and try and stay comfortably and focus on fishing only, so all these places have chalets or houses of some sort
  • all of these fishing spots are in the Parys\Potchefstroom area
  • we haven’t been everywhere, these are just our favourites so far but there are probably even better spots

So with that out the way, here they are, our top 5 favourite Vaal River fishing spots (so far).

#5 – Flamingo’s River Lodge
flamingos vaal river view from house
View of fishing area from house

At number 5 is Flamingo’s River Lodge which is about 25kms north of Parys in Lindequesdrif. There is a comfortable house which has two rooms on either side of a main living area. The fishing area is nice and wide with ample space for many rods. 

We’ve been there twice, both times during winter when fishing at the Vaal River is a bit tougher. Consequently, we didn’t catch too many trophy fish but we still managed to catch quite a few. Recent reports have shown lots of big fish being caught. And as with all the places on our list, it has spectacular sunsets. 

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#4 – Vaal de Sioleh
vaal de sioleh vaal river porch
View from chalet porch

Number 4 is Vaal de Sioleh. It’s about 20kms to the northwest of Parys towards Potch. This is the only place on our list that feels more like a resort. There is a variety of accommodation available to suit most people including comfortable chalets right on the water.

The fishing area can become crowded if the place is full but we had no problems on both occasions we were there. We caught many large carp and the occasional yellowfish as well. It’s a really nice place for a family outing. 

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#3 – La Retraite
la retraite vaal river fishing area
Fishing area with another group of rafters approaching

At number 3 is La Retraite which is only about 5kms outside Parys to the west. There are two cabins, a 2-sleeper and a 5-sleeper, both comfortable and well-equipped. The fishing area is large with a fireplace and lighting right by the water.

A very good fishing spot with really big fish, we broke a few pbs on the one weekend we were there. We hope to go back there soon for a second visit. Perfect place to just relax and watch the rafters go by. 

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#2 – The Riverhouse
riverhouse vaal river view of fishing area
View of terraced fishing area from wooden deck

Our number 2 fishing spot is The RiverhouseIt’s roughly 50kms south of Potch in Renovaal.  There is a large beautiful house with all amenities including a big porch looking down at the water. The fishing area is also neatly kept with a braai and lighting.

We’ve been here twice and caught lots of big fish. This is a wide and deep part of the river so you can expect some real monsters. Awesome accommodation and great fishing.

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#1 – Erkhamka
erkhamka vaal river fishing area fishing area
The fishing area

Our favourite fishing spot so far is Erkhamka. It’s about 30kms to the west of Parys on a dirt road. Another beautiful large house awaits you at this venue with everything you might need. The fishing area is also great with a large cement platform to fish from. 

Erkhamka is our top fishing spot because of the excellent fishing, especially at night. We’ve caught some real monsters during the two visits we’ve been there so far. Combined with the great accommodation and spectacular sunsets this is our number one venue at the Vaal River.

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Special mentions
  • Dimalachite is very near to Parys and is renowned for its great fishing. It’s also a resort style venue so there is lots to do for everyone.
  • Riverview Lodge is closer to Potchefstroom but is probably the most popular spot in that area. You always catch big fish here, especially in winter.
  • Vosrite is another big fish venue in the Vredefort area. It’s mostly camping but they have a large cabin on offer as well.


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  1. Mark

    Aqua Via also an excellent spot!

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Yes, I’ve heard it’s good but I think that’s on the Vaal Dam if I’m not mistaken?

  2. Johannes

    Hi any suggestions for the vaal rivier on the gauteng side?? If we can’t cross province borders for example

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Hi Johannes, there are a few along the river like Nonyana and Modini but otherwise you are probably looking at spots in the barrage area like Heathbridge and Sanity Reset. Would you consider the Vaal Dam? If so there are lots more spots along the Vaal Dam inside of Gauteng.

  3. Hans

    I just need t op put up a tent and relax but for a week parys or their abouts where it’s safe

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Hi Hans. For camping at the Vaal River in the Parys area, we would definitely recommend Dimalachite at this point. It’s safe, has lots of facilities and the fishing has been pretty good lately. Hope that helps.

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