Spioenkop Dam – Feb 2021


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Another visit to the Natal Midlands, another new fishing venue discovered. This time we made it to Spioenkop Dam.

We’ve been meaning to go there for some time but we could never find any accommodation nearby that also has access to the dam. But then we found Dalmore Guest Farm by chance, and the trip was booked immediately.


Dalmore does have access to the dam but to get there you drive over a rocky hill. This was actually an added bonus as you get a panoramic view of most of the dam from the top which was quite spectacular. 

spioenkop dam pass
Road to the dam

It also gave us the opportunity to check out any potential bass hotspots and we did notice that there was a hidden narrow cove in the corner which looked promising.

spioenkop dam spot
View of the spot we targeted

Arriving at the fishing spot we realised that fishing wasn’t going to be that easy. The area around Spioenkop Dam had been receiving lots of rain before our arrival. This is always a good thing for many reasons but fishing isn’t one of them. So much water flowed into the dam from overflowing rivers that it turned the water into a sort of caramel, ginger beer color which wasn’t ideal for bass fishing.

Nevertheless, we got the boat rigged up and off we went. 

spioenkop dam yacht
Our beautiful yacht

As predicted though we got zero bites all along the coast, it was dead. We figured the bass were uncomfortable in the dirty water and therefore not feeding. We also thought they would probably be looking for someplace safe where they could hide in structure until the water cleared a bit. So the hidden cove became our target and we decided to make our way there.

spioenkop dam gullly
The gully where we caught bass

And this is where things turned around. In the farthest reaches of this narrow area the bass were schooling. Once we found them fishing became a lot easier and we started catching them at will.

Dark flukes worked the best by far, especially junebug. When the water is very dirty it’s always a good idea to use darker lures, or very light ones (like white). Natural colors like watermelon red etc. don’t do as well. But just to contradict that statement we also caught a few on pumpkin seed craws.

We eventually had to leave this area and as predicted all the way back we didn’t get a single bite. They were all huddled in that one spot. Please watch the video below to see exactly where this was in context of the whole dam.

Dalmore Guest Farm itself also has two dams on the property that you can fish at. The first (and larger) one is swarming with barbel and kurper, and the second one has bass, barbel and kurper in it

dalmore dam 1
First dam (barbel, kurper)
dalmore dam 2
First dam (barbel & kurper)

We tried the second one and caught a few nice ones in the short amount of time we had.

dalmore linky bass
Nice fat little bass

We had a great stay at Dalmore Guest Farm. The unit we stayed in was perfect and the surroundings beautiful. Here’s a quick look around.

They also offer meals if you’re not into the self-catering thing. And they have a cozy bar (based on a honour system) where we spent our evenings (of course) and met a bunch of awesome new people 🙂


So we’ve seen yet another beautiful dam in that area, they are very blessed down there. The water wasn’t very favourable but we had a great time catching lots of bass once we found them. And Dalmore itself was perfect, we’ll definitely stay there again when we return to Spioenkop Dam.

(1 day)

bass x6 (small)
bass x12 (medium)

When the water is that dirty try using darker lures, natural colors work less well but white also works. And look for spots where bass can hide, they won’t be out in the open in this scenario.
As for Spioenkop itself, the bass definitely seemed to enjoy flukes and we also got some on speed craws.


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  1. Hi Guys

    Thanks for another great video and congrats on the fish caught in those water conditions.
    Thanks for the review on the venue
    We will be heading in that direction in 2 weeks time for a break, and I think we should stay over at Dalmore Farm if possible . Just to test the waters….

    Once again, thanks and looking forward to your next video

    Kind Regards

    1. Martin Ferreira

      Thank you very much Phillip 🙂

      Yeah, we enjoyed the setup and activities at Dalmore, it’s a really nice venue. And if you are into barbel fishing you are going to love it. We weren’t geared for it so we didn’t even try but next time we’ll definitely bring the heavier rods and lures. Also if you want to go for carp I think you will be very happy, we saw monsters jumping at the two spots Dalmore offer at Spioenkop. Again we didn’t have the time, we wanted to catch bass, but next time we’ll be targeting them too…

      Anyway, best of luck on your trip, I don’t think you’ll be sorry 🙂

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